How Many Treatments Will I Need with Laser Hair Removal?

Mar 22, 2024
How Many Treatments Will I Need with Laser Hair Removal?

If you’re considering laser hair removal for unwanted body hair, you might want to know how many sessions you need to enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. Read on to find out what factors influence your treatment plan.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to ingrown hairs, razor burns, and painful waxing sessions, you might consider laser hair removal to eliminate unwanted hair permanently. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular aesthetic treatments here at RefineU Med Spa

Read on as our experts answer a common question from people considering laser hair removal: How many treatments will I need?

Understanding your hair’s growth cycle

The number of treatments required for laser hair removal is influenced by your hair growth cycle, which consists of four parts:

  • Anagen (growth phase)
  • Catagen (transition phase)
  • Telogen (rest phase)
  • Exogen (shedding) 

Since laser treatment is most effective during the active growth phase (anagen), multiple sessions are needed to target all hair follicles at this stage. 

How the hair growth cycle impacts your laser treatment

Your hair’s growth phase depends on the type of hair treated. Hair on your scalp, legs, and bikini area have growth phases of different lengths. For example, the average growth phase for thigh hair on a woman is 22 days, while it’s 54 days for men.

To account for this, you need a series of sessions spaced several weeks apart to ensure each hair is treated during its growth phase.

Other factors that determine how many sessions you need

The specifics of your laser hair removal schedule also depend on your hair color, skin type, and the size of the treatment area. 

Hair and skin color

The contrast between your hair color and skin tone significantly impacts the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Dark hair on light skin responds best to the treatment. Lighter hair or darker skin may require additional sessions. 

Treatment area

The size and location of the treatment area also impact your laser hair removal plan. Smaller areas, such as your upper lip or underarms, may require fewer sessions than larger areas, such as your legs or back.

How many treatments do you need for laser hair removal?

With these factors in mind, most people need 6-8 sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve optimal and long-lasting results. You may require more sessions if, for example, you’re treating large areas or dealing with hormonal influences on hair growth. 

Say goodbye to unwanted body hair

We design your laser hair removal treatment to meet your needs. Whether you want to target one problem area or several, the RefineU Med Spa team can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

A smooth, hair-free future is just a call away! To book your consultation, call our Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, office at 405-369-8840 today.